02 mai 2021

33/39 - Saint-Marin - Senhit & Flo Rida - Adrenalina

Adrenalina I'm burning up without fictionsGi-Give me your full attentionI want you to tame my fire nowWoah-oh-oh-oh-ohKeep movin', now your eyes on meIt's like my body's yours onlySo baby, don't leave me lonely nowWoah-oh-oh-oh-oh We're like fire and gasolineCome and light it up with meSo high on adrenalineYou're my adrenalinaJust one touch and I'll igniteI'm a flame on dynamiteSo high on adrenalineYou're my adrenalina Adrenalina Oh-oh-oh, this place so fancyLet's go and light up this cityYou're close enough, but I... [Lire la suite]