08 avril 2019

Présentation et traduction - 14/41 Finlande - Darude feat Sebastian Rejman - Look away

Look AwayThere's something you should knowThat I can't sing a love song anymoreThere's something going onAnd I can't turn my back on it anymore How can we go to sleep at nightAnd lay there in our bedsWhen we know what's going onWith the world today? Is it in my head ?Am I the only one ?Is it in my head ?Where the war has just begunWe look awayLook awayLook awayLook away, heyLook awayLook awayLook awayLook away, no-o-o Is it in my head ?Is it in my head ?Look awayLook away, hey, no-o-o There's something in the air... [Lire la suite]