27 avril 2019

Présentation et traduction - 33/41 Roumanie - Ester Peony - On a sunday

On a SundayYou left meOn a SundayAnd I still rememberThat day in September Yeah you left meOn a SundayMade sure there’s no wayTo forget that day Say hey, hey, hey, hey, heyLoving you is a hard price to payHey, hey, hey, hey, hey Watching the smokeRise from the ashtrayFilling the room with painIt’s still in my veins Can’t feel at homeCuz it’s so lonelySo cold and so greySince you left that dayYou know, you know Even if the sun rises and the world moves on every dayHey, hey, heyI will always be waiting for you... [Lire la suite]
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