02 avril 2019

Présentation et traduction - 08/41 Biélorussie - ZENA - Like it

Like itI guess I forgot how to turn my phone off,I'm outside my comfort zone,I'm tired of being lonely,Tam-tara-ram,Nobody's gonna like this,No, Okay. I'm letting these empty words go,Even if it really hurts,It's to make me stronger,Tam-tara-ram,But nobody's gonna be, Uh, What should I do ?It's up to you,Karma,Uh, I wish I knew,Give me a sign,Karma,Just to remind you I don't give up,I won't give up, now,I always try, Is he gonna like it ?Is he gonna like it ?Is he gonna like it ?Is he gonna like it ?Let's break the... [Lire la suite]
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