07 mai 2021

38/39 - République Tchèque - Benny Cristo - Omaga

Omaga Honestly, don't careI'm happy you're hereTryna make you smile for a while nowI'm like, "Omaga, you're so beautiful."Why don't you come over and have itWhy don't you let me have it, oh I did a lot of dumb, shhLot of things I wish I didn't doBaby, come back, won't you?Back, come back, heyOh, I'm crazy, is it crazy to love you?Baby, come back, won't you?Babe, come back You said you're still too madAbout them things I didBut I don't know what I did, babyYou said you again feel down to blame apocalypseThere ain't no... [Lire la suite]